Singh, who lives at Number 10 Kiln Lane, has has decided to organise and hold a party for all his neighbours. Given the seating plan that follows, work out where each guest is sitting, their full name and their occupation. Make notes as you read the clues about who could be sitting where and eliminate guests from places where they definitely could not be seated. To get you started, Ben Foster and Amy Allum have already been seated.

Read the information carefully to piece together the full names of each guest and their job.


1 The four guests to Mr. Singh’s left are seated man-woman-man-woman and on his right-hand side, they are seated, woman-man-woman-man. This means a man and a woman are sitting directly opposite each other at all places at the table.
2 Selma is sitting directly opposite the social media influencer.
3 Amy is fascinated by the stories of the two men sitting either side of her, Mr Appleby and the social media influencer.
4 Ben is talking about about the problems he has been having with his car to the mechanic who is sitting opposite him. Then, he chatted to the optician sat next to him about the laser eye surgery he had recently.
5 Pavlo and the lady who is a retail assistant are sitting next to each other.
6 Miss Dinarvand is sitting next to the builder.
7 Kieran is sitting in between Mrs. Davies and the childminder who looks after his children.
8 Sara enjoyed talking with Mr Foster who is sitting directly opposite her; Foster is not the surname of the man who is a plumber.
9 Mr Appleby is not sitting opposite either Miss Allum or the Mechanic.
10 Clara and Mr Barns are both really enjoying the chocolate cake.
11 The social media influencer is not sitting next to either the Mr or Mrs Singh.
12 Miss Tailor and Pavlo are sitting next to each other.
13 Miss Allum and Mr Helinski are sitting directly opposite each other at the table.
14 The retired gentleman is sitting opposite the retail assistant.
15 Fred is seated to the direct left of Mrs Singh.


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